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    We have 4 production databases running on one AIX server. There are other
    applications using the AIX server as well. Consolidated server.

    My Sys Admin informed that anytime, more memory is added to our AIX server,
    Oracle takes about 80%. 2 Gig was added to the Box and Oracle took about 80%.
    Last weekend 4 extra Gig of memory was added to the box and now Oracle seems to
    take about 80%.

    Can I get some explanation of what is going on?

    It seems like any time more memory is added to the box, Oracle takes as much as
    it needs and does not return it Or something. I don't understand what's going

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    Forget about the percentages, the question that needs to be asked is whether Oracle is taking up more memory that the ones allocated in the Paramater File.

    Sum up the Shared_Pool, Buffers, Sort Segments and log space. Is the total greater that 80% of your memory ?
    Sridhar R Patnam

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