hi folks
Just was in my mind for many days and thought of putting this in forum.

see there are number of threads posted in one single day and we all need to go in to each and every thread to find out whether the question is resolved or not.

Near to each thread i feel necessary that we need to have some indication /flag /icon COLORS saying that this question is solved/resolved /case complete

These indication / flag/icon COLORS WILL be extremely useful when some one post the questions .

my suggestion was to have three colors -

Green means that thread question is solved.
Red means thread question not yet solved
Yellow means thread question waiting for sugestions/comments.

This is because with the help of these colors , we can identify and give priority .

Also when some logs in to this web page he can also refresh / give suggestions/ opinions to the questions posted.

One who posts this question should have the privelage to do this , bcoz he is the right person to tell whether his problem is resolved/pending or need some suggestion.

i just thought of this inorder to make it easy and good going .