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    hi friends,

    Please help me with the following

    Table 'A' has three dependent tables namely 'B','C' AND 'D' related by col1.
    Tables B,C have their own composite primary keys which includes col1 as one of their key and also B is the parent composite primary key for C table composite primary/reference key.
    Now I want to change a non key value(col10) in table B for a parent row which has 1200 child rows in table C.

    Please help me how to change the value of the non key col10 in table B(1 row) and C(1200 rows).Cascade update cannot be done because col10 is not a part of the key and also I want to keep the col1 value the same.

    thanks in advance

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    Why no one helped me.Am I not clear with the question.
    anyay I figured a solution.Since the col10 is a low cardinality column I created a parent table for those col10 values and then did a cascade update.It worked.
    But I dont know what I would have done if the col10 values were not having low cardinality.Please let me know if there is anyway to work this out.
    thanks and regards

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    To me, the question is unclear. Maybe some more details and an example?
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    Hi Marist89,

    thanks for your response.I tried my best to make it clear

    Table A_B:-Primary key is col1

    TableQ_S:-Primary keys are col1(foriegn key of A_B),col2,col3,col4,col5
    Non key columns col6,....col10,............

    Table G_E:-Primary keys are colx,col2,col3,col4,col5
    Refernce key columns col1,col2,col3,col4,col5 of Q_S
    Non key columns are cola,colb,colc,....col10,..........

    I need to change the values of col10 in Q_S and G_E.When I tried to change in Q_S it showed that child rows exist.If I tried in G_E it said no parent rows found.Please clarify

    thanks and regards

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