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Thread: Pros and Cons of a case-sensitive database?

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    what are they? I have not used a case-sensitive Oracle database and once I heard someone said that it is dumb to make your database case-sensitive. But I don't really know why.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by case sensitive database. I assume you are talking about table and column names??

    Oracle allows case sensitive table/column names. During creation simply surround the table/column name with double quotes:

    CREATE TABLE "MyTable"
    ("Id" NUMBER(10),
    "Desc" VARCHAR2(50));

    The most annoying thing about this is that you constantly have to get the case correct and use quotes in SQL:

    SELECT "Desc"
    FROM "MyTable"
    WHERE "Id" = 10;

    I don't know about you but this really gets on my nerves. I would suggest that this is the reason most people suggest no using case sensitive names.

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    It's definitely annoying. That's why it's dump to make all those upper and lower cases in the data creation.
    Querying is a real pain in those cases.

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    There are no Pros only Cons.

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    LOL OK. Problem solved.

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    Kind of a pro for this...

    I can think of one pro for a case-sensitive database schema. Most users won't know to use " " in queries, so it's a type of security. Also some third-party programs don't put the double quotes in their scripts so they won't pull data from a table.

    Not much of a pro, but it's one. I have a database that is case sensitive and it's a real pain to work with. You have to go through the front end app to do anything and the front end is not very friendly, so when I have to work directly within the database it takes a bit more effort.
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