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    Sorry to ask this kind of question.
    Is there features in 9i that are/is not available in or sqlserver can not do?

    Thank you

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    Is this the right question? There are hundred of Features SQL-Server has not and are necessary for highest performance and high availability and high ...

    BUT if you want to design a solid SQL based Application with 50 USers, about 1GB Data , and you do not want waist your many in paying expensive licences and you do not want have very hyper-complex system to amdinistrate then you should choose SQL-Server.

    And there are indeed features 9i not has too.
    And there are indeed many customers very satisfied with SQL-Server ( 2000 ).


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    It's a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Oracle's approach is that the database should be at the heart of all things. For this reason the Oracle database can do almost anything.

    The MS approach is that the database is only one of many tools you should be using. Most Oracle features have a Microsoft equivalent but not all are built directly into the database.

    If you're only using a subset of Oracle's features then SQL Server is a cheaper alternative. Once you start needing the extra bits the cost/performance ratio can change somewhat.

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