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Thread: recover non-systems datafile with rollback segments

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    if we have the case where we lost the rollback segment datafiles for examplyas follow:

    1. the database crashed or shutdown abort
    2. del rbs1orcl.ora
    3. copy backup\rbs1orcl.ora
    4. in init.ora ---> comment out the ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS
    5. startup mount
    6. alter database datafile 'c:\oradata\rbs1orcl.ora' offline;
    7. alter database open.

    two questions:
    1. even I comment out the ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS out so I thought Oracle won't find the existing rollback segments but I think it's still use the existing rollback_segments
    2. on number 7, when I tried to open the database, even I took the missing datafile offline, but it still looks for that file and the database couldn't open.

    please advise

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    Are you modiying the correct init.ora file?
    Can you post the error messages?


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    Have you removed your rollback segments in the init.ora file? If not do it and try again.

    If it doesn't work, try the next:

    You have dropped the datafile, and put offline the datafile, but your rollback segments for the database are online. Put in the init.ora the parameter _offline_rollback_segments=(your rollback segments). Drop the rollback segments, and after reboot your database without this parameter.



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    I wonder wether the instance recovery process need the rollback sgement to success.
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