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    windows nt 4.0

    I changed in init.ora remote_login_passwordfile from shared to exclusive and restarted the db. Then I changed the password of internal wiht help of oradim.
    The result is that I can not connect with INTERNAL/pwd. The error message is ORA-01031 "insuficient privilegues".
    The only possibility to connect is sys/pwd@db_name!
    When I look up the "v$pwfile_users" -view no lines are selected.
    I used orapwd to create a new passwordfile:

    orapwd73 file= password= entries=10

    The behavior did not change!

    What have I to do to grant sysdba to sys or internal?

    Please help!


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    Maybe I found a solution. Does somebody know if this is the right way to go?

    To change a password:
    - Shut down the database,
    - Rename the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID file,
    - Issue a new ORAPWD command with a new password

    Bugs and Special Notes

    Deleting/Changing the 'orapw$SID' File
    If you delete the Oracle password file while the instance is running
    you will NOT be able to connect internal from remote machines, even if
    you re-create the file. You must:
    - Shutdown the instance (using a local connection)
    - Create the new password file
    - You can now connect remotely and restart the instance

    Please give me an anwer, I am still in a dihter :<


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    No idea?

    Is ther any difference between Oracle7 and Oracl8i on this topic? I have done the same steps on a Oracle8i test system. There I can change the password on a running instance and it is working fine!


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    Is there a prospect to restart the system, when I shutdown it by abort because it is not possible to shutdown normal!
    I take into consideration to shutdown abort the database, create the password file and restart the db! Possible?


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    you can bounce it by
    startup force;
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    Hallo Tarry!

    Are you sure that I am able to "startup force" the data base loged in as a normal user (DBA)?

    I had to solve the problem yesterday, so I drove in a very hard line (I got a good backup <:
    - shut down the service on system level
    - changed the INTERNALīs password by oradim
    - restart the service on system level
    - connected as INTERNAL - Jep, now it was possible! <:
    - startup the database

    Do not follow this procedure if you do not have to!


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    I imagine that new password file will only be available for connecting when you start DB with it.
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