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    i am Junior "DBA", and my Company is using an Oracle 9i and Remedy Action Request System.
    For testing on my Notebook i search for a minimum Sized Oracle Instance for a Single User System.
    The Action Request System needs only a Oracle Instance without any spatial etc.
    Is it possible to create a small Instance with a smaller Systemtablespace than 250 MB , the Undotbs with 200 MB or the Redo Log Groups with each 100 MB ? Is it possible to get a Script ?
    By the way, sorry for my bad or incredible Englisch ... But i try to give my verry best :-)))
    Thank you


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    Based on my understanding on the earlier version of oracle , you need not to have a so big redo log file in 100 MB .
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    I've got Oracle9i Release II running on an old laptop. I used a 4M for the shared pool and the buffer cache. You can definitely reduce the size of the redo logs. Try 1M to start with. The undo tablespace can be below 100M provided you're not doing loads of work requiring undo. Also, the system tablespace can drop down to about 70M provided you don't pick all the optional features.

    To get a script, start the Database Configuration Assistant and pick a custom install. Reduce the size of all the files to values you find acceptable. Remember to uncheck all the extra features or your system tablespace will end up at about 260M. At the end of this process choose to save the creation scripts rather than run them immediately. You then have a set of scripts you can adjust as you wish.

    Some of the extra options require quite a bit of memory to load. If you pick these you will need to allocate quite a bit of memory to the shared pool, large pool and java pool.

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    thank you,
    is it possible to change the size of the redo on a created Instance ?


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