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    May 2002
    1. over view
    Primary DB:
    Standby DB:

    2. make sure your primary DB in archivelog mode
    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    alter system set log_archive_dest_1='location=Z:\ora92\admin\demo\arch' scope=both;
    alter system set log_archive_dest_2='SERVICE=test OPTIONAL REOPEN=180' scope=both;

    3. get standby DB init parameters
    set ORACLE_SID=demo
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/database
    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    create pfile from spfile
    copy initdemo.ora inittest.ora

    notepad inittest.ora
    *.log_file_name_convert =('Z:\ORA92\ORADATA\DEMO\','C:\ORADATA\TEST\')

    notes for NT:
    make sure all path/filenames are upper casse

    4. backup primary DB online
    rman nocatalog target /
    run {
    allocate channel CC type disk
    FORMAT 'c:\oradata\demo_%s.%p';
    set limit channel CC kbytes 2097150;
    backup database
    include current controlfile for standby;
    sql "alter system archive log current";

    5. create NT service or passwd file
    a. NT:
    oradim -new -sid test -intpwd oracle
    b. UNIX
    orapwd file=pwdtest.oraorapwdtest password=oracle

    6. startup standby DB
    set ORACLE_SID=test
    rman nocatalog target /
    startup nomount;

    7. create standby db
    rman nocatalog
    connect target /@demo
    connect auxiliary /
    duplicate target database for standby dorecover;

    8. check standby db
    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    alter database open read only;
    select * from all_users;
    deleter * from scott.emp;

    9. from read only to recovery

    10. from recover to read only
    recover managed standby database cancel;
    alter database open read only;
    Just wanna get more and more professional with oracle
    Just wanna a job relateed with oracle

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    May 2002
    oracle 9.2 is a new feature, logical standby dataase,It is very
    useful, but it seems it is too comples to use and needs developing.

    but the physical standby database very well now.
    it has.
    a. auotmatic logfile gap detection, and standby databae can request archive logfile not recieved.

    b. recover operation can be place backgroup

    c. If primary database crashed and can not open, it can archive current redo logfile;

    Just wanna get more and more professional with oracle
    Just wanna a job relateed with oracle

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