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    hi folks,
    Rollback segment in my d/b is missing.

    When i start the d/b i am getting the erro
    ora-01534: rollback segment ROLL1 doesn't exist

    I am not abl to open the database...
    What should i do ?


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    Use this solution if the rollback segment does not exist:

    1. Modify the init.ora file to remove from the ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS list the name of the rollback segment that does not exist. (i.e. remove the rollback segment named in the ORA-01534 error.)

    2. Save the new changes in the init.ora file and restart the database.

    3. After the database opens, run the following query:
    select segment_name, status from dba_rollback_segs;

    Compare the output from this query with the ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS list in the init.ora fileto ensure that the ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS list is complete.

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    khussain has given you solution, here is explanation.

    What has happened here is that you have specified private rbs's in your database/init.ora (specific to that instance) and then subsequently dropped one of them. When the database tries to open, it realises that your rbs is not there and error is produced.

    You can stop this from reoccuring by.

    1. changing your init.ora every time you reorganise your private rbs's/add new private rbs's.


    2. create public rbs's that do not need to be specified in init.ora by using 'public' keyword.

    example :

    create PUBLIC rollback segment rbs01
    tablespace xxx
    storage (blah blah blah)

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