I am facing a problem when job is executed. The error is
VNI-2015: Authentication error. I am telling step-by-step
I did for creating a job. I discovered the EDP database through discover wizard. The fields and their values of
the wizard of creating job are shown below:

Creating a job

General Tab : job name : dasjob
destination type : Database selected destination : edp

Task Tab : job task(selected) : Run SQL*Plus script

parameters :
checkbox of override preferred credential : not checked
script text : whenever sqlerror exit sql.sqlcode;
insert into u2.my_uu values(40);

Schedule tab : immediately

Permission Tab : default setting

Status of job
status destination date/time
scheduled edp May 27,2002 2:11
started edp do
failed edp do

show output
VNI-2015 : Authentication error

I think the problem is because of setting, not the script.I have run the script as user SYSTEM as well as user U2 both and script is perfect.

I am telling you how I setup the Preferred credentials .

The username and password of login to OMS
username is sysman and password is das

The preferred credential for sysman user
"DEFAULT" enrty for database is : username is system and password is sys.I have set this username because I have 3 databases where this user exists with same password.The logic behind doing this is " if Administrator_1 has a
username and password of foo/bar on all the databases that he manages, the administrator needs to enter foo/bar as his credentials in the database entry. All databases administration tasks will use these credentials."

SYSTEM and U2 are both database users and SYSMAN is OMS user.We are using OEM ver 2.1 on NT and database is on NT.

At the last I have created user U2 and password U2 at the database level and as wll as at OMS level . Now I have set preferred credential as U2 username and password U2 at Default database entry level as well as EDP database entry level. Still the same error. What to do ?