I have successfuly configured RWS , but, the hyperlinks on the web page listings carry the Hostname instead of IP address which could'nt be resolved to locate.
If i try copy the hyperlink , edit the hostname to IP address , then i could navigate/drilldown further.

Plz suggest as how i can avoid getting HOSTNAME reference.

steps involved..
1) on OMS , while OMS is running , "oemctl configure rws" and further Webserver_name reference is keyed as IP address, default port i.e. 3339 , and OMS as IP address, this step gone thru successfuly.
2) when i tried accessing thru web page using URL http:///em/OemGenerationServlet , i get the Reporting Home page, and each hyperlink is associated internally with the HOSTNAME instead of IP address, for which i couldnt navigate further.

Thanx in adv.