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    Hi all

    I just checked my alert log and it stated the following
    Thu May 23 14:48:10 2002
    Errors in file E:\oracle\admin\db_name\udump\ORA00172.TRC.

    so I went to udump to check upon the aboved mentioned trace
    When I opened it the dump file generated is dated Thu Apr 18
    08:06:40 2002.
    with FATAL ERROR IN TWO-TASK SERVER: error 12571
    ***2002-04-18 08:06:40.349
    ksedmp: internal or fatal error
    Current SQL statement for this session

    I thought that the trace file generated by the alert log file time will correspond or match the one in the udump.

    Why will a trace file generated today for something that happened a month ago?

    Also we have detected ORA-00600 INTERNAL ERRORS.
    Can you please advise?
    Arsene Lupain
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    You only checked the beginning of that trace file. It means that the first error recorded in that trace file happened on Thu Apr 18. But that doesn't mean that this is the only event recorded in that trace file. Use search utility of your text editor and you'll find that there is at least one more error recorded in that trace file - the one that happened at Thu May 23.

    Trace files are named based on the process_id of the process that encounters the error. If the file with that name does not yet exist Oracle creates one. But if the file with that name allready exists Oracle simply append the trace of the error at the end of the existing file.
    Jurij Modic
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