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Thread: IDLE TIME FOR THE USER - format

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    solaris 2.8 /oracle 8.1.7

    i have to create oracle user and also i have to give idle time to those users.

    Meaning that if they login to sql and when the work is done , but the sql session is still there in their desk top , so by specifying idle time it should disconnect.

    so the syntax will be
    create user < xxx>
    identified by < xxx>
    default tablespace
    temporary tablespace
    quota unlimited on < default tablespace>
    quota unlimited on
    idle time ? ( HOW WILL I SPECIFY THIS ) Can any body give me the format
    suppose if i haveto give idle time for 2 hours so should i write 120 there .

    second do i have to make any parameter change in init.ora for this.

    thanks in advance

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    Use Profiles. And then assign that profile to those users. And yes, you have to use 120. (in minutes).

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