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Thread: SQL*Plus Report questions

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    I'm creating a SQL*Plus report (vers 8.1.5) and I want users to invoke it from a desktop icon (Win NT4).

    When they click on the icon, SQL*Plus starts up but they have to press enter before the script actually runs.

    The command line for the icon is:

    C:\Oracle\Ora8i\BIN\SQLPLUSW.EXE /NOLOG @rpt1.sql

    The first thing the report does is prompt for a username and password, using the ACCEPT command.

    Also, during the script I prompt for a variety of values and I'm looking for a neat way of exiting out of SQL*Plus when the user wants to.

    At the moment I prompt for them to use CTRL + C to exit the report but this drops them into SQL*Plus. I'd prefer them to exit from Oracle completely. Any ideas???

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    i have this kind of executing SQL-Jobs too,
    is there an accept ore pause SQL*PLUS-Command in the script?
    Or do you use &Params ?

    if PLUS not quits use 'exit' at the end of the script.


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