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Thread: Application v/s schema owner

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    I have come across sites that differentiate schema owner from application owner. What is the benefit for implementing such a security model.
    I have tried searching the technet site but did not find any papers or documentaion. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    Perhaps you are referring to the application connecting as a different user than actually owns the tables or schema?

    Makes sense. Then you can just grant the necessary table and procedure priviledges to the APP_USER. That way the application cannot drop tables or mess with your DB in ways you do not want it to.

    Is that what you are referring to?

    - Magnus

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    Hi Jgmagnus:

    That's exactly correct.

    But what if the app requires on the fly d/b object creation (say a form based application) where the user can design his own form and have the data stored in a table. Is there a way to control that ?


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