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Thread: OLTP???

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    Which two statements regarding OLTP systems are true? (Choose two)

    A. Use literals for optimally shared SQL rather than bind variables to keep the overhead of parsing to a minimum.
    B. To avoid the performance load of dynamic space allocation, allocate space explicitly so tables, clusters and indexes.
    C. B-tree indexing is preferred to bitmap indexing, because of locking issues affecting DML operations.
    D. Use hash clusters especially on tables that are heavily inserted into, because of the use of space and the number of blocks that need to be visited.
    E. Use application code to enforce business rules instead of constraints, because constraints are extremely expensive to process.

    Please advise and explain, thx
    Working on SCJP -> SCJD

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    A. False. In order to reuse code, it must be identical. Using bind variables, the same code can be used for many different literal values.

    B. True. Each extent added requires writes to disk to allocate the extent in the tablespace file.

    C. True.

    D. False. Do not use hash clusters with objects that are heavily updated, deleted, or inserted.

    E. False.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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