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    I am about to delve into the manual for Dataguard and from the outset I want to know basically (and high level) if the LGWR after a commit can propagate to the DR database?

    I know that a pitfall in 8i was that only the archived logs got applied at the remote site after a logswitch, meaning commited data in-between switches were lost after primary node failure.

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    a commit is not a log switch so I doubt it pretty much it gets propagated.

    imagine a busy system with many commits if we propagate change after each commit this would be crazy

    your requirement sounds more like syncronous replication?

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    There are four modes of redo propagation from primary to standby in 9i. And yes, two of them support sinchronous writes of redo changes both to active (local) redo logs as well as to the stanby's redo log files.

    And BTW, writes to redo logs do not occur only when you perform commit.
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