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    Hi folks,

    Here is the situation: we have been asked to install Oracle9i ( on a windows 2000 professional machine on a p4 architecture. Yes a lousy P4. It has a gig of ram and a 60 gig HD.

    As usual on a P4 installation of Oracle9i the OUI hangs. I renamed the 2 symcjit.dll files and OUI still hangs. I made sure the user that was doing the install had administrator rights on the machine and yes it does. I tried to install the OUI patch that Oracle has for P4 machines ( and it fails. The machine even had the Intel Chipset Utility software installed to help programs recognize the chipset but that did not help.

    I tried the install several times with each time cleaning out the old files and cleaning the registry - no luck. I even made sure that the display adapter was running with at least 256 colours (I got burned on that one on another install a couple of years back with Oracle8) and still no luck.

    Other than reformatting and reinstalling the OS and trying again on a clean machine I have no ideas.

    Does anyone have any other possible solutions to this problem? Just hoping someone has encountered something that I may have missed.


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    I installed 9.0.1 in P4 1.4GHzmachine with windows XP in 17 minutes, the OUI issue is fixed I thought in 9i?

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    Guess not. The patch doesn't work on this 2000 machine.

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    Can you try installing the components one by one using custom installation?
    This approach is very useful for finding which component is creating problems.

    I was successful installing like this once.


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    Tried that and OUI hangs wherever.

    It hung on trying to install the networking components, it hung on trying the install some of the readme files, it hung when I removed the networking components. I even just tried to install the OUI alone and it hung on that.

    Each time made sure that the registry, temp files, and the Oracle directory were removed.

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