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Thread: Regarding Database Link Name

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    Hi Tarry,

    If I want to work with the server, we have PCAnywhere and VNC.
    Now, I want to establish a db link between 2 databases existing in 2 different locations.
    I am stuck with this error.

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    why wud it cause any trouble to enable global_names on your stby db.
    I think if you enable it thru the pcanywhere and then try connecting , it shud work!
    I'm myself curious to know what happens...
    Tarry Singh
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    First of all, I'm no longer going to post unless I'm certain of what I'm talking about. Secondly, I was very unclear and wrong about the ALTER SYSTEM in my post.

    Here is what I was thinking about. What is displayed from
    SELECT * FROM global_name;

    and using....

    alter database rename global_name to ''

    I did not see the global_name change until I issued the alter system.

    So sorry for the confusion.

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    Very Important (from my experience):

    Very Important (from my experience):
    If you change the parameter in the init.ora and bounce the database, it is not enough! You must issue the ALTER SYSTEM to really change it.

    Surprising though !!

    Should the ALTER SYSTEM be done before bouncing or after?!

    Never give up !

    Nanda Kumar - Vellore

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    Well did you get it to work

    Vijay did you get it to work? what did you do?

    I'm experiencing exactly the same problem.

    You'll always learn something if you take your time to ask.

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    found in the forum

    Originally posted by e067450
    See if this helps you ?

    Found this in a Metalink article (DocID=1024124.6)

    This is not documented in the Oracle manuals and can be useful (even required) when the init.ora parameter GLOBAL_NAMES is set to TRUE.....
    Note that if GLOBAL_NAMES is set to FALSE, you can name the dblink anything you desire.

    Database Links
    Database links are created using the following syntax:

    SQL> create database link
    connect to identified by
    using '';

    The name of the database link should match the global name of the target
    database if GLOBAL_NAMES=TRUE. This may seem restricting since then there can
    be only one database link per schema to a given database if global_names is
    set to true. To overcome this use database link qualifiers. For example:

    SQL> create database link oradb@link1
    using 'D:BOSTON-MFG';

    NOTE: in this example, 'link1' is database link qualifier
    and 'D:BOSTON-MFG' is the connect string

    My NOTE : your select to the remote database would look like this :
    select * from table_name@oradb@link1;

    This was in an earlier thread did you try this?

    You'll always learn something if you take your time to ask.

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