EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment (3,2)
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Thread: EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment (3,2)

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    When I try to make a full export on a database of Oracle on AIX 5.0, I get this error message and the export terminated unsuccessfully.

    EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment (3,2)

    What's wrong with the database?
    Is there a way to check where is the bad segment?

    Queyon Zeng

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    1. If you are using older versions of EXPORT utility with newer versions of database, then EXP-3 is commom. Since the older version of EXP cannot understand the new features included in the new database.

    for eg,

    When an Oracle8 database, with partitioned indexes, is exported with
    an Oracle7 export-utility you encounter an EXP-3 on exporting
    objects because they are not featured by an Oracle7 RDBMS.

    2. Maybe the export data dictionary views was not properly created


    3. Check if the USER exporting has appropriate privileges, say, EXP_FULL_DATABASE , etc

    Got this info from metalink..


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