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Thread: Does anyone know the functions of those parameters???

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    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to have queries running in a DSS enviroment
    run faster. Someone suggested that I should try to set
    the following parameters in order to force the use of indexes
    using hints. If I set those parameters and run queries
    that use optimizer hints to force the use of certain indexes the
    queries are completing fast. However, we cannot use optimizer hints all the time and at that time the without using
    hints and force use of indexes, the queries are extremely slow.

    Can anyone explain the use of those parameters???


    Your input will be appreciated.


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    Check out the articles at (see item number 5 - The Search for Intelligent Life in the CBO) by Tim Gorman.

    If you ***really*** want to know, read them, or were you just making polite conversation?

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