Hello everyone,

We have Oracle8i ver 8.1.5 Parallel server on AIX 4.3. The Server config: 4GB RAM.
SGA Size is 920 MB
Oracle DB is configured as dedicated server.
We have a n-tier application that is using the Oracle DB thru MSDTC /XA on Win2k Adv Server. The application is implementing disconnected recordset.
The Problem: When the no of user sessions is below 10, the Shared pool usage is below 10%. After 6 to 8 hours, the number of user sessions will be arounf 100. At that time, the shared pool usage is 89%. The shared pool usage is not coming down even after all the user sessions are closed.
What may be the problem? Is there any way to flushout the Shared Pool. Should I increase the Shared Pool ?
Please suggest

Thanks in advance