I am working in oracle 8.0.6 on HP-UX 11.x. The database is in archive mode and we have a 18GB disk specially for the archive files which are also backed up in DATs. For the last 1 month, the archive logs are being generated very fast (around 2-3 per minute, whereas even in peak hours it generates 1 log file in 2-3 minutes). The size of one log file is 27264000 bytes. I have come accross one process which remains at the top 3 processes when run (it runs 3-4 times a day) and I have seen it updates one particular column for approx 139,000 records for each new entry onto the table. The syntax is as follows :- update x table set col.a = 0 where x.col.b = 'zzz' .
Now I have taken a count of the where condition and it gives 139,000 rows.
This is basically a part of the application which we have here and this process is adds new entries in the database (roughly 100-200 per day). For each entry, if it updates 139,000 records, will that generate archive logs ?
Can it be a reason or one of the reason for such high archive log generation ?
There are other processes also where updates and deletion takes place but they are normal routine processes which were there before.