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    what is the difference between
    the use of the keyword user and
    the select of the sys.login_user ?

    Thanks in advance
    O. Oelsner

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    USER --> this is oracle function that return USER_NAME (or USERNAME)

    column sys.login_user --> not exists on oracle dictionary:

    SQL> select table_name, COLUMN_NAME from dba_tab_columns where COLUMN_NAME like '%LOGIN_USER%';
    no rows selected

    login_user as function -->
    function login_user return varchar2 ;
    pragma interface (C, login_user);
    pragma restrict_references (login_user, WNPS, RNPS, WNDS);

    u can use in external procedures on c (c++).

    [Edited by Shestakov on 05-13-2002 at 03:12 PM]

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