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Thread: Different Oracle Homes

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    Well, I recently downloaded and installed Oracle 8i. I was able to log into SQL/Plus with a username and password without ahost string.

    Then I downloaded Oracle Forms Builder 6i and Oracle Table Builder 6i and installed them, but I installed them to a differnet Oracle Home because of installation issues.

    Now I cannot use Forms or Reports Builder to connect to my tables because they require a Host String to log in or a Database name. What should my host string be so I can see my tables?

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    host string should be in tnsnames.ora
    check tnsnames.ora in network/admin of oracle home directory

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    Make a new servive name refering to your own machine and DB sid.It will work fine then.
    As Kumud said the file is in Network->Admin->tnsnames.ora

    Take Care.

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