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    Hi All,

    Currently, my database is running on NT box. Database version is :

    Now we are planning to migrate our database to Oracle9i on a Windows 2000 box.
    Apart from this, we have around 338 fmb's which was developed in Oracle Developer 6.
    We also have around 291 rdf files and 155 pro*c files.

    As far as the database migration is concerned i have planned for any one method:

    Method 1: Export / Import.
    Method 2: Migrate the database to 9i in NT box and then move it to Windows 2000 box.
    Since Windows 2000 does not support 8.1.5 I developed this strategy.

    I want your opinion on which will be the best method. Do I have to take care of anything else also for
    my application to work properly without giving any problems.

    Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

    Say No To Plastics

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    Just because Oracle doesn't support 8.1.5 on 2000 doesn't mean it doesn't work. I have a production system running 8.1.5 on 2000 as we speak. Don't ask me why, the answer is too long and boring. Suffice to say that it's fine. Just no support from Oracle. If this is a temporary measure you could run 8.1.5 on 2000.

    In your position I would probably use the export/import method provided the DB isn't too big. This gives you the opertunity to setup a clean instance using all Oracle9i best practices then put your existing data into it.

    Remember to use an UNDO tablespace and locally managed tablespaces.

    OCP DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g
    OCA PL/SQL Developer
    Oracle ACE Director
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    Mar 2002

    Thanks for your response tim.
    My database size is around 18g. I think this is not a huge database.
    I would also like to know whether after migrating, will there be any problem with
    the db links and all. I have a db link to another database which is also located in the
    same server.

    Say No To Plastics

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