Hello friends,

Hello everybody.I am working in a bank as a DBA.I am facing a problem with a table containing BLOB datatype.There is a table of our customer signature.That table have following columns

AC_TPY varchar2(3) (Account tpye like savings,current etc)
AC_NO varchar2(5) (Account Number of Customer)
BR_CODE varchar2(3) (Our bank's branch code)
SIG blob (Signature of that customer)

Now probelm is that whenever I tried to insert rows from SQLLOADER all data loads data.But when we retriving data from table thro' fronend it will shows data in first three columns but for forth it shows there is no data found(It is heppened for very few rows).Problem is this how can I should now from direct SQL or some other utilites that my column
has a data or not.Because I want to delete same data and will insert another time.
How can I know that column containing BLOB have data or not?If I want to check my data of BLOB is there in table or not because logfile and badfile of SQLLoader is nill.
Please tell and guide me.

Thanks for tring to help or guide me in advance.

Gitesh Trivedi.
The Kalupur Comm Co-op Bank Ltd