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    Hi all,
    when you kill a session (alter system kill session) oracle rollsback the session and frees other rescource usage.
    This can take a while to compleate. (day's)
    Even if i kill the sub-process (or thread) on OS level, the session semains in the ORACLE data dictionary (as marked).
    Oracle reconmands to restart the database, whoever this is not possible at this time.
    How do i start PMON (or other utility) manually, to clear the zomby process, ie known on oracle level but not anymore on OS-level)?
    Any advice is welcomed.

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    PMON is automatically started after an internal timeout.

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    PMON is one of the 5 mandatory background processes to start when the database is started.
    And it releases like you said the resourses.
    However this is, a very nasty, and also happened to us here where this killed session remained in the v$session view.....
    esp with the client session being inactive.
    try this........
    alter system kill session ',' immediate;
    However here the instance reco will be done at db startup...
    The best is also to let the user's try to execute a command and when he get's the message he must log off or make oracle log him off after a certain number of tries..
    Tht way he's out of the dict. view eventually.
    Atleast that's what worked for me......
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