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    May 2002

    i'm running oracle 8.0.5 on solaris 7.

    i had previously tried shutting down oracle with
    the svrmgrl command, issuing the "shutdown" command,
    which halted after "Alter database dismount..."

    after waiting several 10's of minutes, i issued a "shutdown
    abort" via another svrmgrl session.

    Now, when I try to "startup", it hangs after saying:

    "Redo Buffers 81920 bytes"

    there are no error messages via the terminal, or the
    "alert... .log" file. Indeed, the alert.log file stops
    with "alter database mount".

    It hangs at this point indefinitely, and the only way I can
    get out of it is to issue another "shutdown abort" from another
    svrmgrl session.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    thanks in advance,

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    May 2002
    I have waited 15 min for oracle to startup in the past. Make sure your CPU usage is not being maxed out by other processes.

    You did a shutdown abort so now oracle has to recover the database. give it some time. you can test using the "truss" command on solaris. truss will show you all the system calls oracle is doing. it may show you what it is hanging up on. (it is pretty ugly though)

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    Check how much amount of space you are trying to allocate for SGA and how much amount
    of memory is available in your RAM.
    Also check whether LOCK_SGA parameter value is set.

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