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    Hello There

    I just want to ask a quick question of you all.

    Do you have any insights on the following?

    What are the Postives & Negatives of creating a large
    table on a database with around 500 fields.

    Also this table could have up to 6-8 million records.

    This Table would also have to have a lot of indexes & get appended to on a daily basis?

    Many Thanks For any advice recieved....
    Carpe Diem

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    you have ONE table with 500 columns!?!?

    how big would 1 row be? if it is more then one oracle block size you will not be able to store the row using one block. This is not ideal but happens a lot.

    first try to break up the table in to smaller tables and link with foreign keys. If this is not possiable then you must partitioin the table. find a logical grouping of the data and partition the table along these lines.


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