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    i'm new to the world of oracle so i installed the win98 version on my home PC. the installation went fine...but i am trying to use Developer in conjunction with oracle, but it wont connect with my oracle database : error - TNS listener not responding... i could connect to the database with SQL*PLUS just fine and do queries, but developer is not seeing the database. What should I do or check next? thanks! kyle

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    This is a very common problem.
    Most cable and DSL ISPs don't provide real DNS names --> Client (Forms 6i)-to-Server connection via TNS-listener will not work.

    Solution: get a real DNS name for your PCs and make changes to your tnsnames.ora / listener.ora / sqlnet.ora

    Be sure to read this msg by Padmam - http://www.dbasupport.com/forums/sho...threadid=17178

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    i installed 9i personal edition...... would this matter?

    and thanks for the note on dns name! i apprieciate it very much.. should i request a real dns name from my isp? (cable modem)

    (searching for clues in a world unknown to me)

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    When you installed Developer, did you configure the SQL*Net files for this Oracle product? Go look in Developer's ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory. You'll see tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora, and listener.ora files - and they will be generic (which means they have no info about the database you are trying to connect to), and that is why SQL*Plus works, but Developer doesn't.

    Create a TNS_ADMIN environmental variable and point it to the directory where the RDBMS version of these files resides. You can also copy the files that "work" to the corresponding place in Developer's directory tree.

    You don't need to configure sqlnet.ora if you are on the server. You don't need to use a domain name in tnsnames.ora. In fact, you don't even need to start the listener process. You get a "bequeath" session if you try to connect (while on the server) via SQL*Plus. As long as your computer knows what the SID is, and you can set that as an environment variable, all you need is "sqlplus username/password" to start SQL*Plus.

    Developer will require a database name on the login window, which in turn, requires a listener for the database to be running - which is why you need a set of properly configured SQL*Net files for Developer.

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