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Thread: Open Cursors Parameter

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    Hi Everyone,
    When the documentation recommends to set the open_cursors init.ora parameter as high as the operating system allows, how do I find out how high this value can be?
    (This is for a Solaris OS.)

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    I think it is better to understand your application and set the value accordingly instead of putting the maximum value. Estimate the maximum open cursors at time by a session and set it.
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    I agree, but there's a problem: I'm migrating an application and the developers themselves don't even know how many cursors might be opened simultaneoiusly by their scripts (doh!).
    They only know there are a forrest full of users opening a bucketfull of cursors all over the place. Up until now this was on Informix (double-doh!), but Oracle needs more precise information.

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