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    I'm frequently facing sessions problem in oracle8.1.6 (ora-0018). The application is web based and coding written in java. In the webserver(IPLANET) the setting for max sesions is 1000 which means 1000 users can connect simultaneously. To what extent I can increase session variable in oracle and what is its dependency? What is the maximum value I can set for sessions?

    The database is now running in MTS. The present setting for
    sesssions = 280. And the server have 2GB of RAM. And my present SGA is 790 MB.

    Could any one throw some light on this....?

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    First, SESSIONS is not a variable but a parameter.

    The maximum you can set is 2^31. Remember also that the two parameters ENQUEUE_RESOURCES and TRANSACTIONS are derived from SESSIONS.

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    and sessions is derived from processs parameter

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