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    I am trying to insert a date column into a table.
    The format from the file that the date is coming from is 021101,020901,080200,etc.
    How do I insert it?

    using this syntax "insert into table_name (date_column_name) values (to_date('02-02-02'));"
    does not seem to work. Any Idea how to make this insert work?

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    I just tried this. I am not sure if it is what your looking for but it may be a start in the right direction

    select to_date('020202', 'YYMMDD') from dual;


    to use to_date you give it the date string that you are receiving and also the format that the date string is in. In my case I was giving it Year month day so the format was 'YYMMDD'

    You can try to toss that into your insert and see what happens
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