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Thread: doing a cold copy (but different datafile dir)

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    We cold copied all datafiles from out old server to our new one. However, the datafiles sit in a different directory structure

    We are going to run the "create controlfile" to re-identify to locations of the datafiles (from /oradata to /u01/POSPROD/dbf).

    Can we then (after the control files are made and copied to the locations specified in the init.ora) simply startup the DB,
    or must we statup mount, and do a "rename database datafile ... from the old to new locations?

    I thought all we had to do was update the control file.. correct?


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    You don't have to 'alter databae datafile ... rename...'
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    ok, so recreating the control files is enough then?


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    Yeh re-creating the control file is correct,

    In the create control file statement make sure you have 'SET DATABASE' instead of reuse database.

    Also you have to open with resetlogs.


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