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    1. How Can I Crash database.
    2. after Crash what is the Datbase recover Process.
    If Archving is on.

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    1. delete the datafiles
    2. your question is too broad, you need to be more spefific, there are so many ways to recover, it depend on what kind of failure

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    Just unplug the power for the server, that should do the trick. Or, if you want to get creative try this...

    1) Buy some brownie mix, I prefer Betty Crocker extra fudgey but that is a personal opinion.

    2) Mix it loosely and put in an extra egg and real butter, chocolate chips are optional.

    3) Feed it into your server, I use the CD-ROM drove, but any opening will do.

    4) Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, it will be done when a toothpick comes out clean.

    5) Plug server back in and commence recovery process.

    *Don't forget to pre-heat the oven*

    Best of luck,
    I remember when this place was cool.

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    You can kill a mandatory process like SMON, this will cause an instance crash. The database will recover itself on startup.

    If you delete a datafile, media recovery is required.
    This depends on your backup.

    If cold backup and noarchivelog, you must restore all files and start database. Database will be at the point in time offline/cold backup was taken.

    If in archive log mode you can restore deleted datafile only from recent valid backup and roll forward using archive log files to point of failure. You may/may not need to also retore your controlfile, dependant upon whether or not any structural changes were made since last backup.

    You cannot go into this 'blind' ensure you read up on the subject before you attempt.
    Once you have eliminated all of the impossible,
    whatever remains however improbable,
    must be true.

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