We would like to perform load testing on our 9iAS web forms to make sure that our hardware can handle the expected user load. However, our load testing software (WebLOAD by Radview) does not record anything that occurs within an applet (ex. logging in and pulling up specific forms), so
currently WebLOAD is only testing getting the base HTML page and nothing else. I have talked to WebLOAD support about this and was told in order to manually write a JavaScript to perform the login, for example, I would need to know which class file handles the login. Well, there are about 285 different class files contained in the f60all_jinit.jar file and I have no idea which class file handles the login, let alone how to reference that class file in the JavaScript. In fact, I know next to nothing about Java, however, I am hoping
that somebody out there has experience load testing 9iAS web forms or writing JavaScripts to interact with applets and can help me out.

Has anybody ever load tested their web forms, and if so, how did you do it? What software did you use? Did you have to manually write a JavaScript to interact with the applet?