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Thread: Net8 Tutorial

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    Feb 2002
    hi folks,

    I am having a tough time understanding Naming methods;

    Practically i could try only local naming on my network with win2000 and win98 as client.

    I am not able to understand rest of the naming methods and
    also i don't know how to practically test the directory naming and oracle naming methods.

    I am having following doubts,

    1. Does one should have good knowledge of networking
    concetps ?

    2. Does one should have good knowledge of setting
    directory services, to understand these methods ?
    If so, how to start with.

    3. Is there any good tutorial which explain these things in a
    simplified manner ?(Other than Oracle Documentation)

    4. Is it practically possible to test Directory naming and
    Oracle naming methods on simple network.( I have my
    oracle server running on windows200 Advanced server
    and clients on win98). Do i need any other softwares for
    setting up a directory service ?

    Could anybody help me out in this regard.


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    Nov 2000
    IMHO, unless you are dealing with a large number of instances (25+), clients (200+), or users (200+), directory naming and names are unnecessary.
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    Feb 2002

    I know that, But i want to learn abt these things, and i want to practically test these things.

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