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Thread: UPDATE query with JOIN

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    Question UPDATE query with JOIN

    Suppose I am having following 2 tables

    Name Grade Sal
    ABC A
    PQR B
    XYZ C


    Grade Sal
    A 1000
    B 2000
    C 3000

    Now I want to update salary of employee having grade A.
    Simplest way is

    update emp_det e
    set sal =
    select g.sal from grade_det g
    where e.grade = g.grade
    and g.grade = 'A'
    where exists
    select g.sal from grade_det g
    where e.grade = g.grade
    and g.grade = 'A'

    But using "where exists" is very slow if my tables contains high volume of data.

    Is there any other way to do the same with fast execution?

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    homework, huh?
    No reason to use two inline views.
    Try again.
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