Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I have the job to migrate a database from Informix to Oracle on UNIX. I'm an oracle consultant, but my knowledge of Informix is not very pronounced, so these are my questions:
1) Which tools can be recommended for reverse-engineering and diagnosing an Informix database? ErWIN, PowerBuilder, the Sysmaster, or what else?
2) How best to convert Informix Stored Procedures to Oracle PL/SQL? Someone mentioned the Oracle Migration Workbench. Anyone worked with this tool?
3) Is there a tool recommended which supports such a migration with a minimum of fuss.
4) Does Informix have an admin superuser such as Oracle's SYS or SYSTEM that shows all database objects (including internal ones)?
Sorry to bother you with this Informix stuff, but perhaps you can help me a little. It still is connected to the Oracle topic :-)