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    Hi Guys,

    The Oracle server is running on w2k system crashed with this error message, "ckpt terminated 4030" in the alert log. Can someone tell me what could be wrong. It is a development server. At the time of crash only two users are connected. One user is connected using sqlplus, and the other user logged in thru an application which uses weblogic to connect to the dB.


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    May be, due to lack of space in the destination that what u set for the archive log files to grow.

    Or if u want to see the exact error
    open and see the ckpt.trc file from background_dump_dest .
    bye from saravanan.
    Saran OCP 8i DBA

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    It might be due to corruption of Datafiles or Controlfiles too.
    Checkout the trace file as said by Saran. Also check whether DBWR has generated
    any trace files.


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    Hi Guys,

    There is nothing in the DBWR trc file. CKPT trc file has the following info

    CKPT trc

    2002--4-17 11:14:17.703
    Session id:(4.1) 2002-04-17 11:14:17.703
    error 4030 detected in background process.

    And there was another trace file ora????.trc its contents are as follows

    2002--4-17 9:27:47.859
    Session id:(13.104) 2002-04-17 9:27:47.843
    *****start PLSQL runtime dump *******
    got ora-4030 while running PLSQL anonymous block

    *****End of PLSQL runtime dump

    It looks like the plsql anonymous block has created this problem. Is there a way to avoid this kind of thing repeating.
    The server is win2k and has 4Gig of memory and Oracle is configured to use around 1.1Gig. Any inputs will be apreciated. Thanks in advance.

    error 4030 detected in background process.

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