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    Question On Analyze command

    HI friends,
    I analyzed one particular table , Then I quesried the following table dba_tab_col_statistics. I got following result .

    TEST_MIG C102 C10A
    TEST_MIG 53535353535353535353 53535353535353535353

    could u pl explain me the column (low value and High value) in this table "dba_tab_col_statistics" and its values. Actual structure of the table which I analyzed is

    Name Null? Type
    ------------------------------- -------- ----
    X NUMBER(1)
    Y VARCHAR2(10)
    thanks in advance

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    nobody answer my question in this forum, why dont u help

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    no reply because u can get these information in documentation easily. but i think u don't want to try hard. any way -

    this information comes from dba_tab_columns. it is for backward compatibality with orace7.

    low_value - low value in that particular column
    high_value - high value in that particular column

    you have missed out the column name in your output. the information stored is in raw format . hence 'C102' . you can check this by -

    select min(column_name) from table_name
    and then

    select rawtohex(yourvalue) from dual;

    you will get C102 .
    Santosh Jadhav
    8i OCP DBA

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