Hi all ,
I m trying to create a table space in new database and then after creating table space i m trying to create rollback segment but all the time i get this error

ORA-25151: Rollback Segment cannot be created in this tablespace

please solve my problem i m using following code to create table space and rollback segment in oracle 9i

#set echo on
#define ORA_HOME = "C:\Oracle\Ora90"
#define CVC_HOME = "C:\Oracle\ORADATA\CVC"

create tablespace CVC_RBS
datafile '&CVC_HOME\CVC_DBS_01.DBF' SIZE 100M
default storage ( initial 1024K
next 1024K
minextents 1
maxextents 1000
pctincrease 1);

create rollback segment RB0
tablespace CVC_RBS
initial 512K
next 512K
minextents 20
maxextents 1000

alter rollback segment RB0 online;