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    hi guys,

    I have been asked by management to document backup and recovery procedures..
    They need a complete recovery procedure in case of a db crash like restoring hot backup/ applying archive files etc..

    Now I am really confused what all should I write in this..I mean I know how to do recovery in different scenarios..but really dont know should I include every scenario here in this doc...
    my manager is not clear on this..
    So any insights on this would be appreciated..

    Thanks in advance...


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    see ur answer is in ur question

    u say that u know how to recover in different scenarios
    so that is it.

    put this situations in a piece of paper and u will get the solution by urself.

    ur doc should contain situations what could happen
    1 datafile lost , corrupt
    2 control file corrupt
    3 redolog files corrupt
    4 rbs files deleted , damaged .
    5 machine crash
    6 disk failure

    -- backup files avaible.
    -- archive log files availability
    -- restoration method .

    i hope u are clear now

    -- Good luck.

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