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Thread: Help with installation please.

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    I'd just like to appologise in advance for knowing so little about Oracle, I am a student and am currently studying it.

    Can anyone help me, i have just installed 'Oracle 8i Personal Edition' and, after installation i tryed to use SQL plus. When asked to log in I hit a bit of a brick wall as i dont recall telling the installation procedure a password/username, nor can i find a default password in any documentation.

    I am only using Oracle Forms and SQL plus at university so as you understand, the administration side of things is a little bit over my head.

    Sorry to bother you all with whats probably a trivial question but i thank you in advance for any help i recieve on this matter.


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    The default password for the SYSTEM user is MANAGER. The default password for SYS is CHANGE_ON_INSTALL.
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    All of the above are default as they come with the oracle installer , you can change the passowrds later if you wish

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    i'm sorry, i really dont know much about oracle at all.. I am told to put username, password and data set when i start SQL+.

    Username: is this anything i want?

    Password: manager? (what is the difference between SYS and System?)

    data set: is this the name of the database? (i called my database 'data1')

    sorry to bother you again, thanks for the responses so far.

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    You are too far away from the people here. I suggest you to read the installation guide included in your installation CD. This will give you the solution to the problems you posted here. It will also help you to understand better about Oracle.

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