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Thread: Procedure Help

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    Situation is following.
    My procedure fires on "OnChange" event on one field.I want to give some values to fields in the same table there is the field that fires procedire.
    Because "OnChange" event doesn't commit the former changes, I cannot update them with standart Update.The following Update statement doesn't work, because empID doesn't exist in table.

    Update ZBG_Ins_Corrections
    set startday1=sday(1) --sday is collection variable
    where empID=AEmpID --aempID is parameter of my procedure

    That I want to know is whether exists the way to read the data that will be inserted into table like :New (or :Old) have this access?


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    One useful way to do this is to create input fields for the columns you wish to populate, but don't display them on your form. When the onchange event fires, have it set these "hidden" fields. Then if the user saves, this data is saved also, and if the user rolls back, these changes are rolled back too.
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