Can somebody help me to configure Oracle Parallel server on DELL Poweredge Clustered Hardware. I have two Nodes Node A and Node B, Both Nodes have local Native HDDs (RAID1-mirrored) I have installed Oracle 8i Enterprise on bith Nodes and created listeners. I have clustered HDDs shared between both the nodes (precisely H: I: J: disk drives) Raw partitions or symbolic link would not be used.

Drive H: would contain Redo logs , control files, Rollback segment tables spaces

Drive I: and J: will contain Tablespaces for Tables and Indexes.

The way I understand is, I need to have Oracle installed on both nodes, Create Instance with the same name and TNSNames poing to individual node, Create a Listener.

After that I am blank!!!

Can some one help me to get the step by step instructions for Database creation etc.

It would be of great Help....