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    Most probably I didn`t check all documentation yet, but if anybody could help me with this it will be nice:

    I`m trying to increase a buffer pool and getting this message:

    The following error has occurred:

    ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid
    ORA-00384: Insufficient memory to grow cache

    In alert.log:

    ALTER SYSTEM SET db_cache_size='57108864' SCOPE=MEMORY;
    Mon Apr 1 09:43:44 2002
    CKPT: Begin resize of buffer pool 3 (DEFAULT for block size 8192)
    CKPT: Current size = 64 MB, Target size = 64 MB
    CKPT: Size unchanged for buffer pool DEFAULT for blocksize 8192
    Mon Apr 1 09:43:44 2002
    ALTER SYSTEM SET db_cache_size='67108864' SCOPE=MEMORY;
    Mon Apr 1 09:48:22 2002
    CKPT: Begin resize of buffer pool 3 (DEFAULT for block size 8192)
    CKPT: Current size = 64 MB, Target size = 96 MB
    CKPT: Could not allocate memory for
    buffer pool DEFAULT, blocksize 8192

    As you see - it works for less size but doesn`t work for bigger size - so, is it permitted or what is the problem about it?
    OS - sun sparc solaris, oracle, /etc/system settings are:
    set maxusers=256

    * Oracle specific tuning
    set symsys: shminfo_shmmni=400
    set symsys: shminfo_shmseg=50
    set semsys: seminfo_semmns=14000
    set semsys: seminfo_semmni=1024
    set semsys: seminfo_semmsl=1024
    set shmsys: shminfo_shmmax=4294967295

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    Check parameter SGA_MAX_SIZE = integer [K | M | G]
    DB Buffer size + Rero log cache + Shared memory + Java pool size + Large ...
    MUST be less then SGA_MAX_SIZE.

    NOTE: This is static parameter. U can't change it ALTER SYSTEM ... command.

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    So, what is SGA_MAX_SIZE set to?
    Oracle Certified Master
    Oracle Certified Professional 6i,8i,9i,10g,11g,12c
    email: ocp_9i@yahoo.com

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