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Thread: DBWR question

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    TOAD Server Statistics feature show me " DBWR average scan depth = 3786.48 " and then it says " Number of DB_FILES too high? " Can you tell me what does it mean and do I need to do something ?
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    I don't now how TOAD Server Statistics works , but
    After Oracle 7.3(or 7.3 i can remember) dbrw calculate parameter _db_block_write_batch (and DBWR scan depth directly depend from this parameter and = _db_block_write_batch * 2)
    using formula:

    _db_block_write_batch = min(1/2 * db_simultaneous_writes * DB_FILES, db_buffers / 4, max_batch_size)

    where :
    db_simultaneous_writes = _db_simultaneous_writes (undocumented)
    max_batch_size = _max_batch_size (undocumented)
    db_buffers - from init.ora
    DB_FILES -- specified in the MAXDATAFILES in CREATE DATABASE or CREATE CONTROLFILE (default value = 200)
    may be u reset this parameter.

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    90% of times I have seen toad always complains about that

    if i was you i wouldnt use it as a tuning tool

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